Tuesday, January 29, 2013

When it Rains it Pours (and we sure need it)

Here in Colorado, we've been enduring a drought for years, with this winter's precipitation levels not expected to provide any relief in the foreseeable future. Our reservoirs are down to about 65% of where they should be currently. This is the time when we hope to see deep snow pack in the mountains, but unfortunately, on our trip to the slopes a week ago, we were skiing a natural slalom course through exposed rocks and patches of dry ground. The anxious anticipation of what's to come is pulsing through the farming, ranching, recreational sports and gardening communities. It's an impatient time with our hopeful eyes ever-searching for that moisture icon in the weather reports.

Likewise, some families in our adoption group ended the year on an emotionally dried up note. There hadn't been any news from the agency about new birth mothers for those of us hoping to add to our family through this course. Multiple couples expressed that they just needed to see that something positive could happen for the waiting couples rather than the disappointments of the last half of 2012. It appeared that the start of 2013 was going to feel as scorched and hope-deprived as the desolate situation we wrote about earlier this month.

A few months back, one of the women in our group shared her story of an emotional visualization session she had just experienced. She was meditating and focusing on nothing in particular when the vision of multiple babies came raining down in her mind. This hadn't happened to her before and she was sharing the hope it inspired in her to stay positive and welcome the coming months with optimism. It might sound peculiar to some of you, but she is the one who is now a new mom. The additional good news for the rest of us is that she envisioned multiple babies...so we wait with open hearts!

We learned that the agency we're working with placed a baby with another waiting couple from a previous group in recent weeks as well. Last week, three good friends shared the exciting news that they are now pregnant. It certainly feels like there is something happening out there in the drive to keep the species alive.

And, although it won't be enough to help the state's situation in the long term, it snowed through last night and we woke up to a moisture-laden slog of a yard.

We're still in a personal drought for now since we don't have any news to share about our family's unique wait. However, I'm clinging to the idea that they changed the term from Global Warming to Climate Change to imply that it's not just hot and dry conditions, but also abundant moisture that we can expect in these uncertain, changing times. Hopefully, the precipitation of babies will pick up again soon in the same fashion that El Niño increases the depth of a good snow storm in Colorado.

As if trying to contribute to the return of the hopeful sense of creating what we want to happen, our hens picked today to start laying again after their winter moult. Yay, eggs! Though it would be a stretch to use these unfertilized eggs to also represent the coming of new life, they will certainly be added to the hope that is back to happily sustaining our own.